Aggressive student culture

The Aggressive student culture aspect has a different focus from the other components of the SSRT and Student Survey.

The items in this aspect collect data about staff and student perceptions about the level of aggressive behaviours that occur at school. This data can be used for tracking purposes as well as to suggest next step directions.

Rather than having a separate module with suggestions about ways of addressing this aspect, it is addressed collectively through the other modules.

Focus questions
  1. Did the “Aggressive student culture” data suggest any next steps for your school?
  2. Do you have other school data about this (e.g., incident reports, student feedback)? What does this tell you?

Ways of working across other aspects could include

Does your school data summary report shows that a number of students, or particular groups of students are frequently (daily or weekly) experiencing the aggressive behaviours listed in the Student Survey and SSRT?

If so, one first step could be to collect more information from students.   

  1. Look at your data to see if there are any particular groups of students who are experiencing these behaviours (you can look at the data by year level, gender, ethnicity, or class group).
  2. Arrange a group discussion with representatives from any student groups identified above or representatives of other groups of students who may be at risk. Groups could include students with special learning needs, students from minority cultural groups at school, or students who identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender. During these discussions you can gather more information about students’ experiences, as well as their ideas about solutions.
  3. Develop a plan that considers the data from your school and the suggestions in the W@S modules. 
  4. Follow up with annual survey data collection and consultation with students.


See Caring teaching and Caring learning next step modules.

See PB4L for further information about Detering bullying.

If the proportion of students who are frequently (daily or weekly) experiencing the aggressive behaviours listed in the Student Survey is notably higher than the national reference data we suggest you contact Special Education/PB4L regional advisors to jointly work on a pathway forward.