About the Wellbeing@School Toolkit

Wellbeing@School 5 Step self-review wheel

What is the purpose of the review process?

The Wellbeing@School tools are designed to support primary, intermediate and secondary schools to engage in a review process. The W@S self review tools explore how different layers of school life contribute to creating a safe and caring climate that deters bullying. The aim of the review process is to support schools to engage in an ongoing journey towards building inclusive practices for all learners.


Development of the school review cycle

The Wellbeing@School tools are intended to be used within the framework of a school review process such as the planning and reporting process. To support the review process, the W@S school review cycle is available for schools to use. This review cycle was developed as part of the W@S project (Boyd, 2012).

To read about the research base of W@S, go to More information about Wellbeing@School.