IPT Staff Survey information sheet


Greetings / Kia ora / Kia orana / Malo e lelei / Talofa lava

This information sheet is for people who have been invited to complete the Inclusive Practices Staff Survey by a school.

The Inclusive Practices Tools (IPT) are a set of tools that aim to support primary and secondary schools to explore the extent to which school practices include all learners. The tools include a focus on the experiences of students with extra support needs.

What are the Inclusive Practices Tools (IPT)?

The IPT include four tools that explore similar ideas, but are aimed at different members of the school community. These are the:

  1. Staff Survey. This survey is designed for teaching staff but can also be completed by all school staff and professionals (like RTLB) who work at a school. Your school may decide to use the online and/or printed survey
  2. Community Survey for parents, whānau and caregivers
  3. Student Survey
  4. School Review Profile (SRP). The SRP is a tool designed to assist a school review team to summarise the data from the tools described above


The Staff Survey consists of 70 questions and takes about 15-20 minutes to fill in. The questions ask about the different ways this school includes all students in all aspects of school life and supports them to learn. Each question asks how much you agree or disagree that a particular practice happens at school. Five answer options are provided:

  • Agree strongly
  • Agree moderately
  • Agree a bit
  • Disagree
  • Not applicable to my role


There is an opportunity to add comments at the end of the survey. Any comments you add will be included in the reports that are made available to the school review team.

Participation is voluntary: you do not have to take part in the survey if you do not want to.  

The Staff Survey is completely anonymous: In the survey you are not asked to disclose personal information that could identify you. You will be asked a general question about your role at school. This question is used to show the range of people who have completed the survey. If you are completing the survey online, the school survey administrator will not be able to see who has completed the survey.

To ensure anonymity, reports are only generated if five or more people complete the survey.

The information collected from the staff surveys is summarised in a Staff: Items at a Glance report. These reports aim to help this school think about better ways to support and include students. The data from your school will be stored in a secure online database. The Ministry of Education may request to see this data in a grouped format. No schools or individuals will be identifiable.

What do I do next?
If you are happy to fill in the Staff Survey please follow these steps:

Online survey: Follow the link provided in the email you have been sent. This will take you to the survey site. You will be asked to register, decide on a password and then complete the survey at a time and place that suits you.

Printed survey: The school will set up a process for you to complete and return your copy of the survey (e.g., an anonymous drop box or return envelope).

If you find the survey raises any concerns for you, you may want to discuss these with someone you feel comfortable with at school. This could be a member of the senior management team or a designated staff support person.

For more information about the Inclusive Practices Tools,
see http://www.wellbeingatschool.org.nz/about-inclusive-practices-tools

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