IPT Student Survey information sheet


Greetings / Kia ora / Kia orana / Malo e lelei / Talofa lava

You have been asked by your school if you want to fill out a Student Survey.
This survey asks you questions about how well your school helps you to belong and learn at school.

Who else is filling out surveys?

There are three different surveys for:

  • students
  • parents and caregivers
  • teachers and other people who work at school


The surveys help your school collect information from these different groups of people.


How do I answer the survey?

The Student Survey has 24 questions and should take about 15 minutes to fill in. If you want, you can ask someone you trust at home or at school to help you fill in the survey.
Each question asks how much you agree or disagree with a sentence.

You can choose one of four answers:

  • Agree heaps      
  • Agree a lot      
  • Agree a bit      
  • Disagree 

As well as asking questions, the survey allows you to write extra comments at the end if you have anything else you want to say about your school. Whatever you write here may be read by school staff.

Please try to answer every question. Think about what the school is like this year when you are answering these questions.

What will happen to my answers?

This survey is voluntary: you do not have to fill it in if you do not want to.

This survey is anonymous. Nobody will know that you filled in this survey.

The information from the surveys is collected into reports to help the school think about better ways to support students and help them learn.

What do I do next?

You will have been given a copy of the survey.

If you are happy to do the Student Survey, please fill it in. Someone from school will tell you how to return the survey (e.g., in a drop box or by return envelope).
You may want to ask someone to assist you.

Questions about the survey

If any of the questions make you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult you trust at home or at school (like your parents or a teacher).

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