W@S Surveys/tools

The Wellbeing@School website tools should be used as part of a self review cycle.

To access the website tools and view the complete hardcopy surveys schools need to register and be validated as a New Zealand school.

There are two options for the Student Survey:

  • free online survey
  • free downloadable hard copy survey (data entry completed by school) 

The Teacher Survey is available online or downloadable hard copy at no cost to schools.

The School Self-Review Tool (SSRT) is intended to be completed collaboratively online at no cost to schools.


The three W@S Surveys/tools are described below. 

School Self-Review Tool (SSRT)

The SSRT is an audit tool designed to support school staff to review current school practice. It helps to identify areas of strength as well as next steps in regard to promoting a safe and caring social climate that deters behaviours such as bullying. The process of completing the SSRT is as important as the content. The tool encourages dialogue between staff.

The SSRT has two components:

  1. a School Self Review Tool (SSRT) of which one copy is completed by a review team, and
  2. a Teacher Survey which is completed by individual teaching staff.

The SSRT and the Teacher Survey both include a range of parallel questions about different aspects of school life:

  • school-wide leadership, climate, policies, and practices
  • how teachers teach, and what happens in classrooms
  • student culture and behaviour, and
  • how connections are made with the school community.


The SSRT has fourteen extra questions (Questions 44, 45, 50, 51, 64-67 and 137-142) that staff may highlight for further discussion when completing the SSRT. It is up to your school how you complete the SSRT but the Wellbeing@School website provides your school with some ideas about a suggested process.

The Wellbeing@School Teacher Survey

The Teacher Survey is one component of the SSRT. It is for staff who teach students. Schools with more than 5 staff should use the online Teacher Survey. The Teacher Survey collects data on teachers’ perspectives about school life. This data is then used to support the review team to complete the final SSRT. Therefore the Teacher Survey needs to be completed before the SSRT. Schools with less than 5 staff should use the hard copy Teacher Survey to complete the SSRT.

The Teacher Survey includes a sub-set of the SSRT questions. The online Teacher Survey is completed anonymously. The Survey Administrator will send an email to all (or some) teachers. This includes a link to the online teacher survey site. Teachers are asked to register, decide on a password and then complete the survey. They can also save their responses and complete the survey at a later time. Teachers should have the right to opt out.

The results of the Teacher Survey are also used to produce a Teacher: Items at a Glance report which can be used to assist the review team to complete the SSRT (as long as the number of teachers completed the survey is large enough to ensure anonymity).

The Wellbeing@School Student Survey

The Wellbeing@School Student Survey collects data from students. There are two Student Surveys: Primary (Y5-8) and Intermediate/Secondary (Y7-13).

Both surveys are anonymous. They ask students questions about their views of school and the strategies they and their school already use to promote caring and safe behaviours. The surveys also collect data on students’ experiences of different types of behaviours.


Samples of the W@S surveys/tools

Please note these contain only the first two pages of each survey/tool. The full surveys/tools are available to New Zealand Schools that have registered.

Wellbeing at school self review tool Wellbeing at school teacher survey Wellbeing at school primary student survey Wellbeing at school intermediate secondary student survey
(School review team)

Teacher Survey
(Teaching staff)

Student Survey
(Primary, Y5-8)

Student Survey
 Secondary, Y7-13)