W@S reports

How are the W@S reports organised?

The W@S reports explore four different dimensions (aspects) of school life that the research literature suggests work together to create a safe and caring climate which deters bullying. These aspects are:


A fifth aspect explores the extent to which aggressive and bullying behaviours occur at school. This aspect is called:


Three of these aspects are also divided into sections called sub-aspects.

For a fuller description of each aspect and sub-aspect see The aspects of school life explored by W@S.


How do I access the W@S reports?

Once data has been entered and your survey timeframe is archived, all final reports will be automatically generated. Do not archive until all surveys have been completed. However, a survey does not need to be archived to display interim reports; as long as a minimum of 15 students have sat the survey, reporting will be available.

To access the reports, login to the Survey administration area and click on the report icon.  


What are the different types of W@S reports?

There are three different types of report for W@S. Each has a slightly different purpose. The first type is a School overview report (School at a Glance), which aims to give a starting point to exploring your data in more depth. The other report types (Aspect and Item reports) provide more detail to assist you to look for common patterns, areas of strength and possible areas to enhance (next steps). The different reports are shown below.

To view the reports of your school survey results see the survey admin area.