About W@S website

The W@S website is designed to support schools to engage with the whole school community in a self-review process. There are two tool kits on the site. These explore:

  1. the extent to which different school practices promote a safe and caring school climate (W@S)
  2. the extent to which school practices are inclusive of all students (Inclusive Practices Tools)


The website provides access to practical evidence-based tools, resources, and services, a 5-step self-review process, and information about how to get started.

The website is managed by NZCER and commissioned by the Ministry of Education as a part of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L). The Inclusive Practices tools on the website have also been commissioned by the Ministry of Education.

The website is also designed so that agencies such as the Ministry of Education and other key stakeholders will be able to make use of grouped data (both W@S and IPT) under agreed terms of use that protect school and individual confidentiality.

Schools can use the website to access to the following tools, resources, and services available to NZ schools:

wellbeing at school logo

Wellbeing@School tools

inclusive practices tools logo

Inclusive Practices tools