Class administration of IPT Student Survey

Teacher guidelines

As a teacher administering the survey you will need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Prepare for the survey and consider the support needs of the students in your class
  2. Explain what the survey is about to students
  3. Read the survey instructions on the first page to students
  4. Demonstrate to students how to record responses to survey questions
  5. Collect the completed student surveys in a confidential way.


Preparing for the survey

  • Check that your school has informed parents and caregivers that students will be completing a survey.
  • Make sure you have considering the pastoral and learning support needs of students.
  • Check that you have one student survey for each student.
  • Select a time of day to do the survey when students are settled and interruptions are unlikely. The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Make sure all students are carefully briefed and provided with full instructions.


Pastoral support

Prior to administering the survey please ensure there is a pastoral care approach in place that can be used in the event that a student needs to talk about any issues the survey might have raised (e.g. referral of the student to a person who is responsible for pastoral care. This could be the SENCO, or a person such as the AP, DP, or school counsellor.) 

The survey has been designed to be straightforward and non-threatening. However, if a student finds it difficult or unsettling to complete please use your discretion as to whether he or she should continue. 

Considering the learning support needs of students

If the students in your class need extra support with reading or comprehension you may want to read the whole survey aloud to the whole class. Ask the students to read along as you read it aloud. Make sure students understand the instructions, and how to respond to each question. When you read the actual survey questions, give students time (about 8-10 seconds) to think about each response.

Individual students may require extra support to complete the survey. The student or teacher could choose a support person to work with them to complete the survey. Please give the Student Survey Support Guidelines to the support person. Make sure the support person understands that they need to protect the confidentiality of the student by not sharing their survey answers with other people.


Explaining what the survey is about

When the class is ready to do the survey, explain what the survey is about. You may want to read through the Student Survey information sheet with students or use the guidelines below to tell them about the survey.

  • A survey is one way of collecting information from a lot of people. By listening to what students think, this school can find out how to make school better for everyone.
  • This survey is about how well this school helps you to feel you belong and can learn at school.
  • The survey has 24 questions and should take about 10-15 minutes.
  • There is space at the end for you to write any extra comments.
  • This survey is anonymous.Nobody will be able to tell that you filled in this survey. You are not asked to give your name.
  • This survey is voluntary.You don’t have to fill in the survey, but we would really appreciate it if you do. It is important that we hear from everyone.
  • The information you give on the surveys will be collected into reports to help this school think about better ways to support students.


Reading the survey instructions to students

Please read through the instructions on the front page of the survey with students. Make sure students know they need to fill in only one circle for each question. If they want to change their answer they can put a cross through the circle they want to change and fill in another circle. 

You may want to demonstrate this on the board like this:  survey cross out


Students reviewing their responses

When students have completed the survey, encourage them to review their responses by going back over the survey.  Once they are satisfied with their responses they can hand in their survey form.

Collecting and returning the forms

To help preserve students’ anonymity and encourage them to answer honestly, we suggest that you nominate a responsible class member to collect the completed survey forms in an envelope with the class name labelled on it. They can then seal this envelope and take it to the school office or another central collection place.